This release contains extensive customizations to Simutrans version 120.4.1. Furthermore, a number of additions have been made to the player objects.

Suggestions for translations can be made here in the wiki or on the pak64.german-translation pagelink-external.

If you have any questions or problems, you can post to the forums or use the contact options here on the wikilink-external or simutrans-germany.comlink-external

Changes since

  • FIX: graphics error TramDepot_Rostock
  • FIX: constraint SOJO_pw2_tram
  • CHG: player buildings cost, maintenance and capacity
  • CHG: PrPersonenwagen RunningCost
  • ADD: NarrowUndergroundStation (narrowgauge_track; S/U) from Zkou2
  • ADD: Station_MK_VI_narrowunderground(narrowgauge_track; S/U) from Alexander Brose
  • ADD: tkg_BrickTunnel (narrowgauge_track; S/U) from gaku
  • ADD: wa-stone-tunnel-ntrack (narrowgauge_track; S/U) from wa
  • REM: NarrowTunnel_1 ( replace by wa-stone-tunnel-ntrack )
  • CHG: S-U-Bahnstation_Sand (narrowgauge_track; S/U) no construction in the underground
  • ADD: signal Endofchoosetrack, Endofchoose_narrowtrack
  • REM: station Hochbahn_einfach (narrowgauge_track; S/U)
  • CHG: BR403_DB-xxx gear
  • CHG: railBetonbruecke_modern intro_year, maintenance and cost
  • ADD: UndergroundStation (track) from Zkou2
  • CHG: Construction of stations in the underground; not all allowed anymore
  • FIX: constraints kkStB_1-0_b and kkStB_1-0_a
  • FIX. possition S/U Formsignals
  • ADD: LakeShipStop
  • ADD: TramStop_old
  • ADD: Button station coverage

ADD = added | CHG = changed | FIX = bug fix | REM = removed