Version 121.0 (r8870) has been released

In addition to bug fixes, the appearance of some windows has changed significantly. The most noticeable changes concern the finance window (now resizable) and the vehicle window. The buttons for statistics and details have been removed from the vehicle window and replaced by tabs.

further functional extensions/changes

  • City building with up to 9 tiles (3x3)
  • Terminal connection tool
  • Pedestrian timeline
  • Midi files now possible in the pak directory and around user directory
  • Vehicle sequence with parameter value any for vehicle must follow/stand in front (without explicit vehicle name)
  • Representation of the underground when tracking vehicles ( follow_convoi_underground)

Object extensions require Makeobj 60.3link-external

Change list from history.txt

Release of 121.0 (r8870 on 1-Dec-2019):
  • ADD: Map number is shown in the enlarge map window.
  • FIX: Text area GUI components no longer suffer from line wrap around when displaying an extreme number of lines.
  • FIX: Stop information window waiting list in “via (amount)” order will no longer count incorrectly when more than 8,388,607 units are headed to a single destination.
  • FIX: SDL2 build running on Windows 10 in fullscreen mode now minimizes and maximizes responsively.
  • CHG: gui overhaul: automatic placement and size calculation of elements
  • ADD: use animated water graphics on shores
  • FIX: Do not call DefWindowsProc for IME to mitigate crash on Windows1809
  • ADD: always use temporary save name *.sv_ during saving before deleting main file
  • CHG: Make double pak warning translatable
  • FIX: (ACarlotti) rotation of traffic light phases and overflow was broken for years
  • FIX: fields now check for allowed climate, not same height
  • ADD: (HyperSim inspired) new tool for merging distance stations (and lot of code cleanup of old merging tool)
  • ADD: constraint[prev][0] any require a vehile in front (and same for [next] to require a trailing vehicle)
  • CHG: The acceleration tool now also alters the acceleration in fast forward mode
  • ADD: Up to 3x3 size city buildings, all with up to 8 rotations (attention: New paks using this feature will crash old versions!)
  • FIX: Prevent a crash when the schedule window is open with waypoints on bridges that were destroyed or had planning canceled.
  • FIX: Goods List speed field will now allow selecting speeds appropiate for very fast vehicles.
  • CHG: Revise Goods List for better clarity and usability.
  • FIX: Construction of priority and longblock signals
  • CHG: Start with random midi song
  • ADD: Timeline for pedestrians
  • FIX: IP4 address query for easyserver (to detect IP4 changes sometimes occuring for ADSL connections)
  • ADD: new parameter follow_convoi_underground to slice through grounds to follow a convoi in sliced mode oder full underground mode
  • ADD: search for midi files first in pak folder, then user folder, then program folder