Version 122.0 (r9274) ist erschienen

Neben Fehlerkorrekturen gab es weitere funktionale Erweiterungen.

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Änderungsliste aus history.txt

Release of 122.0 (r9274 on 10-Oct-2020):
  • FIX: Rotation of multi-tile buildings at street corners
  • ADD: different volumes for different sounds, realistic distance scaling (independent from screen size)
  • CHG: Fade sounds with one over square root distance, and remove the dependency from display and tile size
  • ADD: Depot list as dialog tool 32
  • FIX: city more strongly attempt to build double height bridges over navigable rivers
  • ADD: Vehicle list as dialog tool 33 (to see also upcoming vehicles)
  • ADD: goods waiting bar with now configurable: gui_waitingbar_width
  • ADD: button to copy the last 20 messages to the clipboard
  • CHG: factory smoke location now depended on factory. Four parameters smoketile[], smokeoffset[] (koord), and smokeuplift (16) and smokelifetime (2499)
  • FIX: several list stored wrong coordinates after map rotation
  • FIX: Too new pak file version check now enforced for all objects
  • FIX: airplane should stuck much less upon runway rebuilds
  • CHG: block reserver tool will also start a route search of any convoi on its tile (no matter the owner!)
  • ADD: timeline switches off after 2999 to prevent retiring of everything
  • ADD: new parameter for buildings "preservation_year" and "preservation_month" after that the building is excluded from renovation during town growth
  • ADD: if shift is pressed during road building then city roads or faster ways will not be overbuilt
  • ADD: more folders searched for fonts on non-windows systems
  • FIX: broken connection could kill (especially server) games on Linux
  • ADD: customisable loading bar colors with gui_color_loadingbar_inner and gui_color_loadingbar_progress
  • CHG: record messages and some status messages are now not saved, while stuck and full stations expire after a month on server chat to keep overview
  • ADD: new button in minimap to hide contour for higher contrast of other stuff
  • CHG: Option to show convoi name and line name as overlay
  • ADD: (inspired by Ranran) Option in city, curiosity, and factory lists to show only towns/factories already served by a player
  • ADD: two more theme colors: gui_color_obsolete, gui_color_empty for lines and server
  • ADD: (Yona-TNT) configurable offsets for player colors for gui elements
  • ADD: convois (in convoi list and schedule) also show their next stop with a posbutton to jump there
  • ADD: caseless matching in depots, lines, halt and convoi list dialogs even with umlaute
  • CHG: fixed vehicle costs are now booked as running costs at the begin of a month, also convoi details changed to accomodate
  • CHG: a server will pause without clients if '-pause' is set on the command line
  • ADD: freight type filter on line window
  • CHG: speedup of map generation by reorganising and multithreading lake code
  • ADD: defining overlapping climate height limits will generate maps with climate patches at these heights
  • FIX: (extremly old bug) after removing a house on a slope the world height grid was not restored
  • FIX: factory extension during city growth could no cope with more than one supplier for two goods
  • ADD: scripted tools (initial patch by THLeaderH)
  • ADD: Humidity based climates (originally from kireon green) Attention, winter snowline set temperature at sea level, so important!
  • ADD: (Andarix) happy signs for system fonts
  • ADD: (ranran) new GUI element routebar
  • FIX: space.w added in container not space.h for vertical distance
  • CHG: On consequeutive traffic lights, only the first is obeyed to allow turns on four traffic lights crossings