Additional script tools have been added and there is now a separate menu next to the dialog.

Suggestions for translations can be made here in the wiki or on the pak64.german-translation pagelink-external.

If you have any questions or problems, you can post to the forums or use the contact options here on the wikilink-external or simutrans-germany.comlink-external

recommended font settings for the normal theme
  • Font size: 17
  • Font: Microsoft JhengHei (msjhbd.ttc)

Changes since

  • ADD: Script tool toolbar
  • ADD: Script tool count tiles
  • ADD: Script tool water to land
  • ADD: Script tool upgrade bridge (not finish - upgrade by stations on bridge not work)

  • FIX: way remover S-/U-Bahn in underground menu
  • CHG: loading time catg 6
  • FIX: BR624-xxx speed
  • CHG: theme list box background color

  • FIX: missing S-/U-Bahn vehicles
  • CHG: loading time catg 3 rail

  • CHG: theme background color of charts
  • ADD: new theme pak64.german large
  • CHG: speed Frachtkutsche, Horsecoalcariage, Horsewoodcariage
  • ADD: loading_time vehicle
  • ADD: new traffic light road
  • FIX: landscape tools