Cities, Passengers and Mail

Cities, Passengers and Maillink

City inhabitants want to travel. They visit friends, go to work or make a holiday trip to visit tourist attractions. Besides hauling goods, transporting passengers and mail is the other major challenge in Simutrans. Passenger numbers will increase with the size of the network, and designing an efficient passenger network takes much ingenuity, at times.

Parts of the factory chains are built inside the cities as well. Some examples are gas stations, home markets, car dealers, etc. Cities also have many different types of building inside them, including monuments, curiosities(like Schools, Hospitals, Churches), and all the expected residential, industrial, and commercial buildings. Each city building has it's own individual passenger and mail levels. When planning a passenger transport network, make sure the city buildings with higher passenger and mail values are very well served.

City Growthlink

Cities will start to grow when you start transporting its inhabitants (and their mail). Growth is linearly related to the passengers transported/potential passengers ratio, and a city will grow at the maximum rate when you transport all potential passengers.
You can see potential passenger and mail destinations go by clicking on a town hall, which opens the City Dialogue window.

Passenger destinationslink

City buildings regularly produce some potential passengers. The number of potential passengers depends on the buildings level. These passengers want to go to different kinds of destinations:
  1. some go to work (see Factories)
  2. some go on a sightseeing trip (see Tourist Attractions)
  3. some go to a destination in the same city
  4. some go to a destination in another city
The destinations ratio is fixed: about 33% will go to work, 17% will travel to tourist attractions and the remaining 50% will travel in and between cities. Bigger and nearer cities generate more passengers.

When you can provide the potential passenger with transport, he will become an actual passenger, and appear at your stop or station.

Note that if a station is overcrowded, it will not accept new passengers.


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