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Every convoy (i.e. a player controlled unit) has a schedule. A schedule is a list of stops or waypoints that a vehicle will visit in that order. The stops can be either be stations, where the convoy will stop and transfer cargo, or waypoints which set the convoy on a certain route. Clicking on a convoy will open the VehicleDialogue. Then, by clicking on the schedule button, you can open the convoy's schedule.

The convoy will go on a schedule from one point to another. The way it will go is caclulated at the start and never changed until it arrives or the way is blocked.

If a waypoint is in a station, then you will see the station name as a schedule entry, otherwise just waypoint will be written. Waypoint means, that at this point the convoi calculates the route to its next entry in the schedule.

If you have more than one level e.g. monorail and normal track one over the other, you can use the CONTROL key to determine which level you mean. Using (ctrl) + click will add a waypoint above ground level, where just clicking on it will add a waypoint at ground level.


Lets say that you want 15 trucks to run from a coal mine to a power station. It would be rather inconvenient to have to repeat the schedule 15 times for each convoy. So, you can create a line. A line is a schedule that can be assigned to a convoy. Lines can be managed in the Line Management window.

When a convoy is assigned to a line, any update made to the line will be applied to all the convoys on that line. Any change made to one of the individual convoy's schedule will only affect that convoy.

Remember: Every vehicle has it's own schedule. A line is a template like schedule that can be applied to multiple convoys. Changes to the line affect all convoy schedule's on the line.

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