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Stops and Stationslink

Stops and stations in Simutrans are used to collect and distribute goods and passengers, and to store them if they transfer from one vehicle to another. Stations can be anything from a bus stop, to a dock, to a rail station.

Stations all have a catchment area two tiles wide around them (adjustable in SimuConfig.Tab). In order to visualize what is inside the stations catchment area, press the v key, and boxes will appear around your stations showing their catchment area. The catchment area is also displayed on the world map.

Each station or stop tile can collect any combination of Passengers, Mail, or goods. Additionally, some station add-ons can also allow a station to accept these items as well. Clicking on a station will open the Stations Dialogue which displays what this station can collect.

Each station tile can hold a maximum of 128 units of cargo. So, an 8 tile train station built near a coal mine can only hold 1,024 tons of coal. Likewise a bus station in a city can only hold 128 passengers. If a station is overloaded, any new passengers coming from the catchment area will become unhappy passengers, and cargo will be held at the factory. Passengers and cargo arriving from a vehicle and needing to transfer at that station will unload into the station, but will not be lost.

Station statisticslink

Hovering above each station (configurable in SimuConfig.Tab or by pressing ! in the game) is a title bar. It contains:

  • The name of the station
  • A horizontal color bar that indicates the station status
    • Statusfarbe 7 White - Unrated, nothing serving station
    • Statusfarbe 2 Green - Perfectly Serviced
    • Statusfarbe 3 Yellow - Service needs attention
    • Statusfarbe 1 Red - Badly Serviced
  • and vertical color bars representing cargoes waiting at the station.
    he height of this color bar is relative to the amount of a particular cargo waiting at the station. If a bar has a + near the top of it, it means the number waiting is over 500 or is over the station maximum capacity.

Maintenance costslink

Stations require maintenance, and you have to pay for the upkeep. The exact price can be configured in SimuConfig.Tab, but usually it's around 50Cr per square and month.

Renaming a stationlink

Simutrans automatically assigns newly built stations a random name. You can rename the station to avoid confusion if it is very similar to an existing station name, and to better remind you where the station is.

Open the Stations Dialoque by clicking on the station. In the top left area, there is the station name given on a dark grey background. That's a text input field. Clicking it will activate it. Use backspace to delete the old content. Then type text to enter the new name.

Multimodal stationslink

To let passengers or goods transfer from one mode of transportation to another (i.e. bus <-> train) you can build combined stations. Any station tile built directly adjacent to one of your existing stations will be combined.

Stations on bridgeslink

Stations can also be built on bridges. Simply build a bridge, and then (ctrl) click the tile at the base of a bridge. A station will now be built up on the bridge. Stations on bridges will also connect with any existing station above or below them, and also above or below them in the 8 adjacent tiles.


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