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As well as expanding the existing Simutrans worlds (paksets), you can also build your own. The various objects (vehicles, buildings etc) are built the same way as an Addon, but you need enough of these to make a workable whole. A pakset is a collection of addons with few, or none, PAK files from other pakset. And that have all the needed PAK files to run SImutrans. Another needed files is menuconf.tab, it defines the menu layout.
A pakset could also have: translation texts to show the objects names in all languages, sounds to be reproduced in-game, scenarios with objectives to be completed and other config files.

Needed and Optional Fileslink


  • Translation Texts - Must be on 'YOURPAK/text' folder
  • Sounds - Must be on 'YOURPAK/sound' folder
    • sound.tab - Specifies the names for the sounds to be reproduced in-game. Must be on 'YOURPAK/sound' folder
  • Scenarios - Savegames with objectives to be completed. Must be on 'YOURPAK/scenario' folder
  • simuconf.tab - Simutrans' options, it's the same file on 'Simutrans/config' folder, but with your pakset options. Must be on 'YOURPAK/config' folder
  • forestrules.tab - Forests creation configs. Must be on 'YOURPAK/config' folder
  • cityrules.tab - City creation configs. Must be on 'YOURPAK/config' folder

Needed PAK files to run Simutranslink

Thats a list with all PAK files needed to make a playable Pakset.


  • crossing.*.pak
  • cursor.*.pak
  • misc.*.pak
  • symbol.*.pak
  • symbol.Builder.pak
  • menu.*.pak
  • ground.*.pak
  • good.None.pak
  • good.Passagiere.pak
  • good.Post.pak
  • config/*.tab


(City Hall, Urban roads, roads, Bus/Truck Depot)
  • building.*_CITY.pak
  • way.city_road.pak
  • way.*_road.pak
  • building.CarDepot.pak
Note that city halls are not totally needed, but help a lot in playability.

Not needed but almostlink


(Depots, tracks)
  • building.TrainDepot.pak
  • way.*_rail.pak

Other transportations typeslink

  • building.*Depot.pak
  • way.*_*.pak
To boats and ships only the depot is needed.

See alsolink

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