Jogo online

Jogo online

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Jogo Onlinelink

O Simutrans tam a opção de jogar online, competindo ou cooperando com os outros jogadores pelo mundo.

A versão do Simutrans e do pakset devem ser iguais à do servidor.

Entrando em um Servidorlink


Primeiro você tem que saber aonde quer jogar. Nem todo servidor tem o mesmo pakset, ou mesma versão do Simutrans. Você pode ver informações dos servidores dessas formas:
  • Método 1: Na Lista de Servidores do Simutranslink-external há todos os servidores listados pela versão, pakset e acessibilidade. Há tembém uma Lista de Servidores do Simutrans-Experimentallink-external.
  • Método 2: Na seção Game Servers (Inglês)link-external do Fórum Internacional do Simutrans, você pode achar um tópico de alguns servidores com informações adicionais e, as vezes, links para baixar o pakset e a versão do Simutrans corretas.
  • Método 3: Rode a última versão do Simutrans com qualquer pakset, clique em "Jogo Online". Clique em "Mostrar todos" e então você vai poder ver as informações dos servidores, esse método demora mais para ver.

Quando entrar em um servidor, abra a Lista de Jogadores e selecione um jogador disponível. Eles tem um botão verde a direita, clique nesse botão e troque o nome do jogador e dê uma senha para ele. Este será seu jogador, e quando você voltar para jogar é só abrir novamente a lista, clicar no botão vermelho do jogador, colocar a senha e você vai poder selecionar ele.

Friend Serverlink

To join a friend server, just open Simutrans, go to Play Online and inside the text box type your friend's IP and Port, the one running the server, this way: IP:Port. E.g.:


For a good game, it's required of being polite and able to cooperate with others. Don't destroy others things without permission, don't grab all the cities first, don't make lines same as the others causing less passengers use the others line etc. Have fun watching the others network and learn something from the others.

If you can't manage your network anymore, contact the servers admin and tell him you won't be online.

Creating a Serverlink

In Play Online dialog there's the Add Server button, but it won't work by only running the game.

To keep a server running smoothly you must have a good upload rate. If it'll be a public server, the recommended internet speed is 10MBit/s. This number can change, the ammount of players, map size, and trees influence.

The firewall port must be open, on your computer and, sometimes, on your modem/roter. The default port is 13353, but you can choose other when creating the server.

To create a server you must first download a Simutrans version that has online support. If you're planning to create a public server is highly recommended to use the latest stable version. Because, if it's public it must reach the highest number of users. But if just want to play between friends it doesn't matter. Just remember to send them the version.

The server will obviously use a pakset, and all connected users will need the same files. If you use a pakset with addons, you can let those addons for download on Game Serverlink-external section inside the forum. Or you can let the whole pakset for download if it's a personalized pakset.

Starting the Serverlink

When all the above process is done, you can start the server. Open the game as usual and create the map you'll use on the server, do the changes you want and open Player List and give a password to Public Player and Human Player. Click on the green button to set a password. Then save it.

Create a shortcut to Simutrans, right click over it and open proprieties. On target text box, paste this code on the end of the line:

Server commands
-log 1 -debug 2 -server 13353 -load save

The number after server is the port used and the text after load is the savegame name, in this example save.sve file will be loaded.

Save the shortcut and run it.

Simutrans Experimentallink

The same process applies to Simutrans Expermiental. But on Experimental there's a really interesting option. If you want to run a pure server, a server where you're not going to play, there's a shortcut named Simutrans-Experimental (command line server), on it's properties edit the commands listed above.

This shortcut will run Simutrans Experimental without graphic interface, this saves computer memory. But to make this work you'll need to edit the simuconf.tab file in config folder. Open it and find line pak_file_path = type the pakset folder you'll use with / at line's end. E.g.:

pak_file_path = pak.german/

The line can't start with #, or this line will be commented and the game won't read it.

No window will open when you try to do so. Open your Task Manager to check if the game is running. To stop the server close the process.

Public Serverslink

If you want your server to be seen for anyone and appear in the server listlink-external, all you have to do is add a few more commands in the shortcut.

Dedicated server commands
-log 1 -debug 2 -server 13353 -announce -server_dns my.domain.com -server_name "My Server Name" -load save

The -server_dns flag must be set to the external address (or DNS name) of your server. This can be a DNS name, IPv4 or IPv6 address. E.g.:
myserver.example.com 2001:8b0c:345a:ff92:0023

Note: The listings server will not accept announcements claiming to be from a different address than the one they are announcing for. So if your server's Internet address is and you configure it to announce itself as the listings server will ignore it. In the case of DNS names a DNS query will be performed for the name and the list of IP addresses returned will be compared to the IP address of the announce request. If none of these match the announce will be ignored.

simuconf.tab permits configuring further options:
simuconf.tab server strings
# Automatically announce server on the central server directory (http://servers.simutrans.org/) # 0 (default) = off, 1 = on #server_announce = 0 # Interval of server announcement (if enabled) # Value is number of seconds between server announcements, default is 900 (15 minutes) # Minimum value is 60 (1 minute), for accurate listing it is recommended not to increase # this value to greater than 3600 (1 hour) # To disable announcements set server_announce to 0 #server_announce_interval = 900 # Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or IP address of your server (IPv6 or IPv4) #server_dns = # Name of server in server listing #server_name = My Simutrans Server # Additional information about your server (for display on the list server) #server_comments = Comments about my server # Email address of server maintainer (for display on the list server) #server_email = maintainer@your.server # Pakset download URL (for display on the list server) #server_pakurl = http://your.domain/pakset.zip # Server info URL (for display on the list server) #server_infurl = http://your.domain/server-info.html

You'll probably like to create a topic in Game Serverlink-external section on Simutrans forum. There you'll be able to give details to players, like the pakset used, a link to download it, the addons to download, or any other needed info. This will help make your server more popular.

LAN Gamelink

For LAN game just start a server in any computer as described above. And then start Simutrans on the other machines, open the Play Online Dialog and add the IP and port of the server machine. Eg.:

Play Online Dialoglink

No image specified. One of the following parameters must be set: fileId, randomGalleryId, fgalId, attId, id, or src.
  • Text Box: Shows the server's IP:Port or the server DNS name.
  • Add server: Creates a server with the actual map. It's not working now.
  • Sholl all: When 'checked' show all servers availavle. When 'unchecked' it only shows the servers with same revision and pakset you're using.
  • Revision: Shows the Simutrans revision (version) the server is using.
  • Pak: Pakset name and version the server is using.
  • 800x320: Map size.
  • February 1927: Map date in running in server.
  • Players: Number of created players and how much of them are password protected.
  • Clients: How much players are currently connected with the map.
  • Cities: Number of cities on map.
  • Citizens: Number of total population on map, all cities.
  • Factories: Number of factories on map.
  • Convoys: Number of player vehicles running on map.
  • Stops: Total number of stops on map.
  • Compare your pak: Compares your pakset folder to check which files are missign, are different or you have that server don't.
  • Play Online: Connects with choosen server.

Problemas Frequenteslink

  • O servidor não respondeu!!
    • Verifique na lista de servidoreslink-external se o servidor está online.
    • Algumas vezes é necessário adicionar a porta depois do endereço IP, separados por :. Cheque a porta na lista de servidoreslink-external.
    • Seu firewall, do seu PC ou do seu roteador/modem, pode estar bloqueando acesso.
  • A sincronização com o servidor foi perdida..
    • Sua conexão é lenta, ou o servidor lhe retirou por tempo de inatividade, entre outros. Apenas reconecte.
    • Algumas dll's podem ser necessárias na pasta do Simutrans. Elas estão disponíveis no site de Nightly Buildslink-external.


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