This version mainly brings minor changes. Most noticeable are the sorting of the trams (motor coaches and sidecars now combined) and new buttons in the main menu for switching the station display on the map and for the last action Undo.

Suggestions for translations can be made here in the wiki or on the pak64.german-translation pagelink-external.

If you have any questions or problems, you can post to the forums or use the contact options here on the wikilink-external or simutrans-germany.comlink-external

Changes since

  • FIX: grafic Monoraildepot
  • CHG: main menu - add button station name and undo
  • CHG:
  • FIX: DMRkraftwerk location and climates
  • FIX: Solarkraftwerk climates
  • CHG: theme add gui_filelist_vspace
  • CHG: running_cost Mercedes_Lo2000_catg6, Horsewoodcariage
  • CHG: maintenance bridges
  • ADD: stations info symbols for happy, unhappy and no route
  • CHG: sort non powered trams to electrified tab
  • FIX: theme window title color and darkness
  • ADD: tree_distribution and lake_height
  • CHG: theme add gui_gadget_width and gui_gadget_height of the window elements
  • CHG: BR41 gear

Changes since

  • FIX: grafics errors by tram depots
  • FIX: retire_year bay3T5_Tender
  • CHG: gear bay_D_VI
  • ADD: air vehicle LZ10 from raven
  • ADD: merge stations tool
  • CHG: maximum_intransit_percentage 0 -> 600
  • CHG: player buildings cost, maintenance and capacity
  • CHG: cost_found_city
  • FIX: freight image grain Mercedes_Lo2000_catg7
  • CHG: capacity LakeShipStop, Parkplatz
  • CHG: runningcost msp_Reko_3_achsig_dr_post
  • ADD: Post4 from MHz
  • CHG: gear BR253_ER20-001, BR612_DBAG, BR610, VT614
  • CHG: gear BR218
  • CHG: acceptance Leuchtturm
  • ADD: depot list ( Strg + d ) and exists vehicles list ( Strg + e ) to list menu
  • CHG: citycar_level from 3 to 6
  • ADD: station goods_2 intro_year 1920
  • ADD: button zoom in and zoom out to main menu
  • CHG: main menu
  • ADD: Solarkraftwerk from Vilvoh
  • ADD: DMRkraftwerk from pumuckl999
  • ADD: passenger_boost and mail_boost Kohlekraftwerk
  • CHG: Kohlekraftwerk intro_year
  • CHG: powerline intro_year
  • ADD: catg3_anhaenger_1 from MHz
  • CHG: constraint Horsecoalcariage add Hanomag
  • CHG: Hanomag runningcost
  • ADD: Stahlanhaenger from Hajo
  • CHG: Autoanhaenger intro date

ADD = added | CHG = changed | FIX = bug fix | REM = removed