Changes since Release 2.0link

  • Some bugs have been corrected. For reporting, thanks to Huperspace on Steam.
  • English translations improved. Thanks to Duke and Ampersand.
  • A train now needs a driver at the head. So either in a locomotive or in a control car.
  • That's why there are now some new control cars. Pushed freight trains are no longer possible.
  • New: E69, Kö 1 and new silverwagons also with new control car
  • New: ford for muddy paths, railway barriers now have a German sound.
  • Changed: some of the ships now have significantly higher freight volumes.
  • With a current nighlty, level crossings over high-speed tracks or highways can no longer be built.
  • Deleted: The Tatra T6 A22 tram car is double, is automatically converted to Tatra T6 A6.

The beta also runs with Release 122.0, but because of the fords and the level crossings, a current nightly is recommended.