Welcome, everyone! The second Simutrans Steam Screenshot Contest (in short, "SSSC") is about to begin! The first SSSC was celebrated a year ago, and it is now time to celebrate another one to end this year with joy. This time the scope will not be as wide as the first one, and the SSSC will be focused around pak192.comic (to compensate for the lack of participation in this category in the first SSSC). Hopefully this will increase competition as there is only one category! Let the best win!

Terms are pretty similar to the first SSSC, and the winners will be also displayed on the Steam Store Pagelink-external!

1 - There's only one category: pak192.comic. If you have never played pak192.comic before, you can get it from the in-game pakset downloader, the Steam Storelink-external, or directly from their GitHub repositorylink-external.
2 - You can submit as many screenshots as you want.
3 - You need to include title for every screenshot. Screenshots without title will not be eligible!
4 - You have until Januay 15st (inclusive) to submit your screenshots!

Theme and guidelines
1 - The theme this year is... Vehicles! pak192.comic team put a lot of love into their vehicles recently, specially rail vehicles. Show us how they run around your networks!
2 - To keep screenshots clean, try to disable city/station names and avoid showing title bars, overcrowded menus, etc.
3 - There are no limits to screenshot size, but recommended size is 1920x1080 as this is the most common resolution.

Remember that you can submit screenshots that do not fit the theme or guidelines just for the sake of showing others your work, but theme and guidelines will be used to select the winners!

1 - For the first winner: The screenshot will be displayed on the main Simutrans store page.
2 - For the second winner: The screenshot will be used as the header for the Pak192.comic DLC.
3 - For the third winner: The screenshot will be used as the background of the Pak192.comic store page.
4 - For winners 1-10: The screenshot will be displayed on the Pak192.comic store page page.

Voting will be done on a wiki survey (I will post a new announcement when the time comes). Everyone (participants and non-participants) can vote, but you can only vote one time.
If two or more screenshots have the same votes, our benevolent dictator will benevolently select a winner, taking into account theme and guidelines.

You can submit your screenshot through the following platforms (don't forget to include title):

  • Steam: submitting your screenshots to the "Screenshots" section of the community Hub
  • The International Simutrans Forum: Posting your screenshots to this threadlink-external.
  • Reddit: Submitting your screenshots to /r/simutrans/link-external