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A theme file is a configuration file which defines sizes, positions, colors and options for the elements in the GUI. It's a .tab file which must be located inside the theme folder under the root folder of a Simutrans installation.

The theme system is not complete yet, so changes will occur on the parameters and/or how they work.

These two parameters are completely necessary:
name name of the theme
themeimages pak file with the skin images


All parameters in pixels.
Version+ Parameter Meaning Default
gui_titlebar_height The titlebar height 16
gui_frame_left Left margin of a dialog 10
gui_frame_top Top margin of a dialog 10
gui_frame_right Right margin of a dialog 10
gui_frame_bottom Bottom margin of a dialog 10
gui_hspace Horizontal spacing between elements 4
gui_vspace Vertical spacing between elements 4
gui_divider_vsize Height of a divider 2*gui_vspace
gui_horizontal_arrow_width Horizontal arrow width 14
gui_horizontal_arrow_height Horizontal arrow height 14
gui_vertical_arrow_width Vertical arrow width 14
gui_vertical_arrow_height Vertical arrow height 14
gui_posbutton_width Position button width 14
gui_posbutton_height Position button height font height
gui_scrollbar_width Scrollbar width 14
gui_scrollbar_height Scrollbar height 14
gui_button_width Default button width 92
gui_button_height Button Height 14
gui_edit_height Edit field height maximum among the font height, the arrow_left and the arrow_right
toolbar_max_width Maximum width of a toolbar 0 (unlimited)
toolbar_max_height Maximum height of a toolbar 0 (unlimited)
icon_width Size of toolbar option 32
gui_indicator_size Useless right now 20,4
gui_tab_header_vsize Height of tabs 18
gui_button_text_offset Text offset from button borders (left, top, right) 0,0,0
window_snap_distance Distance a window will snap to another window or the screen borders 8
120.3  gui_checkbox_width Checkbox width 18
120.3  gui_checkbox_height Checkbox height 18
121.1  gui_waitingbar_width goods bar widths stops on map 4
122.0  gui_filelist_vspace spacing in file lists 2
122.0  gui_gadget_width width of the window title elements 18
122.0  gui_gadget_height hight of the window title elements 18


The parameter must be in hexadecimal representation #RRGGBB. The code in some dialogues still need to include these parameters, so they might not be fully working right now, but will.
gui_color_text Main text color, used everywhere. #000000
gui_color_text_highlight Color of text in tabs, finance window headlines, ware list bonus text, minimap zoom indicator, fps info in video options. #FFFFFF
gui_color_text_shadow Shadow of some texts, like in the welcome screen and help. #000000
gui_color_text_title Color of the title text in the welcome screen and in help. #C0FF60
gui_color_text_strong Color of strong/bold text in help. #C00000
gui_color_edit_text Text color in edit areas. #FFFFFF
gui_color_edit_text_selected Text color in edit areas when the text is selected. #ACACAC
gui_color_edit_text_disabled Text color in disabled edit areas. #606060
gui_color_edit_background_selected Background of the selected text in edit areas. #404040
gui_color_edit_beam Color of the editing beam/cursor. #FFFFFF
gui_color_chart_background Background color of charts. #9B9B9B
gui_color_chart_lines_zero Color for the horizontal zero line. #DFDFDF
gui_color_chart_lines_odd Color of the odd vertical lines. #FFFFFF
gui_color_chart_lines_even Color of the even vertical lines. #6B6B6B
gui_color_list_text_selected_focus Text color of selected elements in lists. #FFFFFF
gui_color_list_text_selected_nofocus Text color of the elements in lists. #C9C9C9
gui_color_list_background_selected_focus Background color of selected elements in lists. #0000FF
gui_color_list_background_selected_nofocus Background color of the elements in lists. #60A0FF
gui_color_button_text Text color for buttons. #000000
gui_color_button_text_disabled Text color for disabled buttons. #6B6B6B
gui_color_button_text_selected Text color for selected buttons. #000000
gui_color_colored_button_text Text color for colored buttons, like in the finance window or charts. #000000
gui_color_colored_button_text_selected Text color for selected colored buttons. #000000
gui_color_checkbox_text Text color for checkboxes. #000000
gui_color_checkbox_text_disabled Text color for disabled checkboxes. #6B6B6B
gui_color_ticker_background Background color for the ticker (bar shown above the statusbar with info) #B3B3B3
gui_color_ticker_divider Color for the top divider of the ticker. #000000
gui_color_statusbar_text Text color of the statusbar. #000000
gui_color_statusbar_background Background color for the statusbar. #9B9B9B
gui_color_statusbar_divider Color for the top divider in the Statusbar. #DFDFDF
gui_highlight_color Color of highlight dividers, mostly used with the shadow divider. #DFDFDF
gui_shadow_color Color of shadowy dividers, mostly used with the highlight divider. #6B6B6B
tooltip_background_color Tooltip background color #7497BD
tooltip_text_color Tooltip text color #000000
cursor_overlay_color Cursor overlay color in terrain #FF8000
front_window_text_color Titlebar text color for active window #FFFFFF
bottom_window_text_color Titlebar text color for inactive window #303030
120.2.2  default_window_title_color
122.0  gui_color_loadingbar_inner #ACACAC
122.0  gui_color_loadingbar_progress #0000FF
122.0  gui_color_obsolete #0000FF
122.0  gui_color_empty #FFFFFF
123.0  gui_chat_window_network_transparency 0=opaque, 100=transparent
123.0  gui_chat_window_network_background_color color value
124.0  gui_color_object_highlight Colour for the highlighted object #C00000


These values adjust the brightness of the titlebar.
front_window_bar_color (obsolete 120.2.2) Titlebar color for active window 0 (dark) - 6 (bright)
bottom_window_bar_color (obsolete 120.2.2) Titlebar color for inactive window 0 (dark) - 6 (bright)
120.2.2  bottom_window_darkness draw the title with a dark overlay 0=none, 100=full black
122.0  gui_player_color_bright
122.0  gui_player_color_dark


All values are boolean (0 or 1), except the last two which are in milliseconds.
window_buttons_right Window buttons (close/stick) in right corner, like MS Windows 0
left_to_right_graphs Graphs are drawn from left to right and not the contrary 0
window_frame_active Draws a 1px border around the active window 0
second_open_closes_win Closes windows/toolbar when button is clicked a second time 0
remember_window_positions Restores window position when it's re-opened 1
gui_drop_shadows Adds a drop shadow in the windows 0
show_tooltips If tooltip are shown 1
tooltip_delay Time in ms a tooltip will appear after hovering an element 500
tooltip_duration Time in ms a tooltip will stay visible while hovering an element 5000

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