This release contains extensive customizations to Simutrans version 120.4.1. Furthermore, a number of changes have been made to the player objects.
There were also changes in the industries. The most important thing is to change the default from just_in_time to 2.

Due to the change in the industrial chains and just_in_time, this version is considered beta.

Suggestions for translations can be made here in the wiki or on the pak64.german-translation pagelink-external.

If you have any questions or problems, you can post to the forums or use the contact options here on the wikilink-external or simutrans-germany.comlink-external

Changes since

  • CHG: retire_year brewery
  • ADD: factory milchfab from Lemuria
  • ADD: good milkbottle
  • CHG: Getraenkehandel add good milkbottle
  • CHG: runningcost Mercedes_Lo2000_catg1
  • CHG: runningcost T21_bus
  • CHG: player buildings cost, maintenance and capacity
  • CHG: value Wein and Bier
  • CHG: compass
  • ADD: backery, grain_mill and grain_windmill, Minimarkt_Lemuria
  • FIX: airLeitsignal intro_year
  • CHG: just_in_time from 1 to 2, activ by new maps
  • CHG: MapColor factory

Changes since

  • CHG: MapColor factory
  • CHG: Productivity Minimarkt, Kaufzentrum, Milchfab
  • CHG: min_factory_spacing

ADD = added | CHG = changed | FIX = bug fix | REM = removed